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“Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”

Ah, the long awaited meeting of Ice and Fire finally arrived. After six long and frustrating seasons, fan favorites Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) are in the same storyline. And it goes so badly. Both sides are asking quite a bit from the other. Dany wants Jon to bend the knee—for those thinking ‘why is that such a big deal?’ If Jon were to bend the knee to Dany, he would be committing every Northern house to fight against Cersei’s army, not to mention the rocky family histories. Jon also crashes and burns as he tries and fails to enlist Dany to fight an army that, for all she knows, doesn’t actually exist.

The scene allowed viewers to see the characters from one another’s point of view. To Jon, Dany is nothing more than a spoiled and entitled rich girl, looking to claim back the Iron Throne after her insanely cruel father. To Dany, Jon Snow is what he was at the start of Thrones, nothing more than the Bastard of Winterfell.


The whole thing was quite frustrating to watch – I mean, Jon, you couldn’t just ask for the Dragonglass? You had to take it too far right off the bat and ask for her entire army? C’mon man, you gotta slow play that.

That said, I found myself completely engrossed in what felt like the longest scene of straight dialogue (no sex, guts, or gore) in the entire show’s history. It would be unlike Thrones to have Jon and Dany have an amicable first meeting, or fall madly in love at-first-sight. And the best part? It was funny! Liam Cunningham has always done an amazing job portraying Davos Seaworth, but he really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Colliding storylines seem to be a trend this season, as the web of character arcs condenses further every episode. Which led to another long-awaited Stark reunion. And things got super weird. Arya fans were disappointed to see Bran get dragged through the gates of Winterfell instead of her (I mean, could they not send a raven from The Wall?? What’s with the surprise visit?) Then, to make the reunion even more unsatisfying, Bran had to go and bring up that night. OF ALL THE NIGHTS TO BRING UP YOU CHOOSE THAT ONE BRAN?! Anyways. It was awkward. Sansa left. But not before Bran told Sansa he has the exact ability to see things the way Littlefinger advised her to live. As if, “everything is happening all at once.” I have a feeling this will come into play sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, the reunion frustrated me in the same way Jon and Dany’s meeting did. There is a lack of simple communication. Here is how the conversation could have gone:

Bran: “I’m the Three-Eyed-Raven.”

Sansa: “What does that mean?”

Bran: “I can see the past, present, and future. Some old dude stuck in a tree beyond The Wall taught me. But he was killed by the Army of the Dead – who, by the way, are very real – so now I have to take over the position.”

BOOM. Done. Now there is speculation the conversation didn’t go this way because as he said multiple times, Bran is the Three-Eyed-Raven. Meaning that things are happening in a loop (Westworld much?) and he literally is the old man in the tree. So, yeah, that would make his current situation a bit hard to explain. But it’s still better than bringing up the night your sister was raped.


Okay now we need to talk about Lena Headey’s absolutely flawless performance. ‘The Queen’s Justice’ is harsh – but what did you expect? Cersei is wrought with grief. And she has turned that grief to rage. And that rage to an unquenchable desire for revenge on all those who wronged her or her family (sounds a bit like another character to the north, no?) Cersei’s only weakness was her children. Now all of her children are dead and the only thing keeping her going is to see her enemies suffer.


Anytime Zombie-Gregor Clegane is on screen I hold my breath, waiting for him to crack someone else’s head open like a watermelon. So to say I was on the edge of my seat while watching Cersei with the Sand Snakes is an understatement. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Sand Snakes were perpetually underdeveloped, so there really isn’t any love lost there (with the exception of Pedro Pascal’s Oberyn Martell, RIP). Watching Headey absolutely own this scene was the best part for me. She proved once again that she is easily the most talented actor on Thrones.

Meanwhile in Oldtown we are still stalking about Greyscale. I swear if Greyscale doesn’t have some sort of significance or cure to beating the Army of the Dead…While I’m happy Jorah Mormont (Iain Glenn) didn’t die or become a zombie-stone-thing, I’ve never been a big fan. I mean, think about it. Here’s a guy who was sent to spy/kill Daenerys Targaryen Essentially discovered that she’s a bad bitch and TBH pretty hot. And became obsessed. Typical creepy-old-guy-falling-for-hot-younger-woman scenario. Never really did much for me. But lets hope Mormont stays on the good side of things and helps out Dany and her dwindling army.

Speaking of dwindling armies. My favorite part of the episode was Tyrion narrating the attack on his old home – Casterly Rock. I love that the Thrones showrunners are taking risks and straying away from the show’s formula of seasons past. Had this battle happened in season one or two; it would have taken several episodes to get through. I appreciate that they recapped the Unsullied’s (semi-unsuccessful?) attack on the Lannister’s home base.


And they didn’t bother to show any fighting at Highgarden, because what epic battle could compete with Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg) getting in the last word WHILE SITTING IN A CHAIR. Jaime, continuing to prove that – unlike his sister – he has a soul, climbs the highest tower in Highgarden to ensure Lady Olenna is given a swift and painless death. In return, she delivers a knife to his heart. She finally admits to poisoning Jaime’s (not-so-secret) son, Joffrey. I can’t help but wonder if this will come into play down the road when Cersei meets Tyrion face-to-face and undoubtedly tries to kill him.


Additional thoughts, theories, predictions:

– Will Gendry finally find the shore and help Jon Snow forge weapons out of dragonglass?

– Melisandre and Varys’ conversation on the cliff was quite confusing. Some predictions say that Varys is from Volantis and heard his own demise in the flames last season, which is what Melisandre was referencing with her ominous “I have to die in this strange land. You do too.”

– Robert Baratheon might have accurately predicted all the events that will go down in season 7 in his conversation with Cersei from season 1 here

– It’s easy to forget that Davos Seaworth was once a smuggler. Some think he will use his old skills to get food to the stranded Unsullied Army.

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